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"LAUDEMIO" Olio extra vergine di oliva da agricoltura biologica

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Product characteristics

"Laudemio" - Organic Extra-virgin olive oil

The Fattoria San Michele a Torri Extra Virgin biological Olive oil “ Laudemio” is produced from a blend of Frantoio and Moraiolo olives with a small percentage of Leccino, Pendolino and Cerretana olives. The olives are harvested by hand at the right stage of ripeness, which generally coincides with the end of October or beginning of November. The pressing is done in selected mills within 24 hours of harvesting the olives. The cold pressed oil which is obtained is immediately filtered to preserve the excellent organoleptic and nutritional quality. It has a very low acidity, 0.15% oleic acid, polyphenols (300 mg / l) and tocopherols (280 mg / l). Our Laudemio emanates a grassy, fruity smell, a reminder of the olives Taste : a fruity flavor with a good spicy after taste.

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Other characteristics

Organic wine

The Organic Certification body chosen by the Company is the "Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici" (Consortium for the Control of Organic Products) with head offices in Bologna.

This body is recognised and authorised to carry out its certifying role by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture. All of the Company's administrative and production processes are subject to inspection by the Consortium at least twice a year.

Organic farming

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