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Villa Fattoria, a wine-producing centre from the Middle Ages up to the present time

The Estate » Brief history

On these hills, dotted with vineyards and olive groves, there has been a farm at Fattoria di San Michele a Torri for many years.

The Fattoria di San Michele a Torri has grown over the centuries from a medieval structure .

The wine cellars with their brick transepts, the chapel dating from the seventeenth century, together with the the neo-gothic well, demonstrate the presence and the work of man in a land surrounded by olives, vines and woodlands, which have remained more or less unchanged through the centuries.

Mention of the farm has been found in documents dating from the 1700's and there was certainly an important production centre as far back as 1800.

Restored in 1822, it was destroyed again during the second world war and rebuilt thereafter.

The farmhouse was recently restored with great attention to maintaining the historical features and equilibrium of the farm.

The history of the Torri community

San Michele a Torri is a small village south west of Florence in the hills of the Pesa Valley. The name " Torri" was recorded for the first time in 1126 and derives from the presence of a defensive structure: the Castle of Torri.

This name refers not only to the place but also to a series of populations in a wider area.

The castle of Torri, traces of which still remain, was destroyed in 1324 by Castruccio Castracani.

Despite the battles, the famines and the epidemics of the early 1400's , the populations of this area formed a lega with the same name : the League of Torri.

The Priory was probably also built at the beginning of the 1400's, following the destruction of the Castle of Torri by Castruccio Castracani.

The Statutes of Torri date from 1406 and describe the administrative life of this rural community , the regulations for the safeguarding of its woodlands and also aspects of daily life, of the economy and of common fokllore at that time.

A book has been published thereon : "Statuto et ordinato è ... Torri in Val di Pesa a community in the Florence countyside in its fourteenth century statutes" by Marco Bicchierai - Editor Centrolibro - Scandicci.